Robinet LB-E8001-CP Review

  • Beautiful cock, very aesthetic, a jewel on the sink.An error in the description, however, the shower has only one jet, rain
  • Very practical and aesthetic product but have the drawback of an aerator
  • the petcock off so compliance will be found when mouth,unless you have an address to find.
  • I have not received notice of delivery due to the post, but Designate Habitat sent me the valve. That's nice. The product is very complete, it is only the tap, I am very happy.
  • Very nice faucet, cheap, comes with 2 hoses, no games (chrome plated brass), easy to install (15 minutes), adjustable handles, nice look.
  • The faucet is high, although watching dimensions.La light works well and is fun: cool blue, green warm when the hot water arrives it turns red, the kids love it! Beware also, there is only one type of jet and is not 'right' but rather burst like a real jet shower bathroom. For example our kitchen can not open wide background to this faucet because otherwise the jet splashes everywhere outside the sink ...