Robinet C13T09654010 Review

We were very happy with our find, except that after 10 days the water has seeped into the batteries and nothing worked (yes, it has installed), then the product is no where, as usual, it fell on a defective item ... but we are really disappointed and the kids ..

A very light tap well to the first use but the LED does not work after stop tap. Leau then seeped into the system, and it rained did work. and all that in less than two days. immediate returns

good product, it had its effect, but not reliable. hs after two days. (a battery change and not as easy to find special references). Perhaps the water inside. I do not recommend this article.

Beautiful lighting effect but unfortunately does not last. The product is not reliable. At first the light will not stop (you must tap tap) then lights only occasionally or not at all.When changing batteries, it is not very easy to put the seal correctly.I bought another identical one from another dealer: same troubles.

IN the beginning, this corresponds to the purchase, except that the red appears only when it is already very hot so the flashing occurs very late. Then 15 days later, it remains that the red flashing as soon as the cold water, and now after a month, it does squarely at all. and as there are no instructions for how to remove and replace the batteries. I am compelled to ask the seller to return the faucet ... to follow.

Very nice at first but what a shame it does not last in time c is to say that it worked 3 weeks ... for blue light and randomly in the color red.

Very disappointed with this product, I bought two and I was very happy with the effect given (it is true that it is super nice and easy to install). Except that after a week, surprise! Water seeped into the batteries and nothing worked. I strongly recommend this product, it should be forbidden to sell items knowing they are not of good quality.

HS product after three weeks, a Chinese product that is worth the early days and, given the quality of manufacture do not want time to avoid, also mine was in the trash after one month of purchase ..