Grohe Kitchen Faucet Review

Grohe Kitchen Faucet
  • Kitchen mixer taps designed for the user
In the kitchen become increasingly living spaces, the valve is the most requested. This is why ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality, and durable finishes are so important in GROHE.

  • 3 heights of nozzles available
Beak low, medium or high spout spout. Whatever style you choose, GROHE ComfortHeight ensures that the height of spout makes it easy to fill large containers.

  • Jets professional household
Many of our models are available with aerators and showerheads extractable property practice saves time to rinse fruits weakest or washing greasy pans. And you will love the versatility and flexibility of our jets professionals.

Robinet C13T09654010 Review

We were very happy with our find, except that after 10 days the water has seeped into the batteries and nothing worked (yes, it has installed), then the product is no where, as usual, it fell on a defective item ... but we are really disappointed and the kids ..

A very light tap well to the first use but the LED does not work after stop tap. Leau then seeped into the system, and it rained did work. and all that in less than two days. immediate returns

good product, it had its effect, but not reliable. hs after two days. (a battery change and not as easy to find special references). Perhaps the water inside. I do not recommend this article.

Beautiful lighting effect but unfortunately does not last. The product is not reliable. At first the light will not stop (you must tap tap) then lights only occasionally or not at all.When changing batteries, it is not very easy to put the seal correctly.I bought another identical one from another dealer: same troubles.

Designer Habitat 14/008 Review

Its modern and high chrome bring elegance to your kitchen that you are looking for!Paired with a smooth disk rotating ceramic, this beautiful faucet can both be used to spray for washing.Thanks to the durable ceramic cartridge, it can be opened and closed 500,000 times, which adds a long-term use.This beautiful faucet is easy to clean and install (20 minutes) can be rotated up to 360 ° and has a one year warranty.

Robinet LB-E8001-CP Review

  • Beautiful cock, very aesthetic, a jewel on the sink.An error in the description, however, the shower has only one jet, rain
  • Very practical and aesthetic product but have the drawback of an aerator
  • the petcock off so compliance will be found when mouth,unless you have an address to find.
  • I have not received notice of delivery due to the post, but Designate Habitat sent me the valve. That's nice. The product is very complete, it is only the tap, I am very happy.
  • Very nice faucet, cheap, comes with 2 hoses, no games (chrome plated brass), easy to install (15 minutes), adjustable handles, nice look.
  • The faucet is high, although watching dimensions.La light works well and is fun: cool blue, green warm when the hot water arrives it turns red, the kids love it! Beware also, there is only one type of jet and is not 'right' but rather burst like a real jet shower bathroom. For example our kitchen can not open wide background to this faucet because otherwise the jet splashes everywhere outside the sink ...

Robinet de cuisine review

  • Tap super nice and design. It is entirely consistent with the description. A purchase I do not regret at all.
  • I ordered this faucet for its line and its practical potential and I'm not disappointed! It is robust, easy dishes and cleaning the worktop in my kitchen and it was mainly a lot of style. I would definitely recommend
  • Very nice and functional, good value for money, it fits perfectly in a modern kitchen. Corresponds exactly to the photo.
  • The fixing system too fragile.  
  • Unfortunately for me this faucet did not work, according to the plumber that installed it, the cartridge is defective?I did not have time to return and wait for a new faucet. 
  • The faucet exudes quality and the price is content.Over the spout off, and the style is to match.
  • This valve is of good quality and it is very convenient with its integrated shower. It is ideal for modern kitchens. Only downside, the corners of the mixer block are quite sharp so be careful when you clean not hang if it hurts ...